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The Poetry Review

'Underneathness', reviews of Richard Scott's Soho, Zaffar Kunial's Us, and Ben Wilkinson's Way More Than Luck, The Poetry Review, Volume 108, No. 3, Autumn 2018 (forthcoming). 


Poetry Book Society 

'Next Generation Poets 2014', review of Luke Kennard's The Harbour Beyond the MoviePoetry Book Society, Jan 26, 2015.

'Next Generation Poets 2014'review of Alan Gillis' Here Comes the NightPoetry Book Society, November 25, 2014.

'Next Generation Poets 2014'review of Rebecca Goss' Her Birth, Poetry Book Society, Jan 26, 2015.

'Next Generation Poets 2014'review of Emma Jones’ The Striped WorldPoetry Book Society, December 22, 2014.

'Next Generation Poets 2014'review of Jen Hadfield’s Nigh-No-Place, Poetry Book Society, December 22, 2014.


Sarah Corbett’s A Perfect Mirror, reviewed for Poetry Book Society Summer 2018 Bulletin, May 2018.

Poetry School

Sean Borodale's Asylum, reviewed for Poetry School, March 2018.

J.R. Carpenter's An Ocean of Static, reviewed for Poetry School, May 2018.

Helen Mort's The Singing Glacier, reviewed for Poetry School, October 2018.

Wayne Holloway-Smith's I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WENDING, reviewed for Poetry School, forthcoming.


                                                         Reviews of Adonis' Concerto al-Quds, Jane Commane's Assembly Lines, and Meryl Pugh's                                                               Natural Phenomena for Magma, issue 71.

                                                         Reviews of Jo Burns' Circling for Gods, John Challis' The Black Cab, and Hera Lindsay Bird's

                                                         Pamper Me to Hell & Back for Magma (forthcoming).

Modern Poetry in Translation

'The World’s Underside', reviews of Venus Khoury Ghata's A Handful of Blue Earth, and Henri
Michaux's Storms Under the Skin: Selected Poems, 
Modern Poetry in Translation, Profound
2018 issue 1.

'Fog Settled on Barbed Wire', Ceija Stojka's Paroles d’artiste, reviewed for Modern Poetry in
July 2018.

Poetry London

Reviews of Tadeusz Dabrowski's Posts, Mária Ferenčuhová's Tidal Events: Selected Poems, 
and Doris Kareva's Days of Grace: Selected Poems, Poetry London, Autumn 2018 



                                           Tishani Doshi's Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, interview & review for Mslexia (forthcoming).

                                  Poetry Wales

                                           Review of Tishani Doshi's Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, reviewed for Poetry Wales,                                                                 Volume 54, No.1, Summer 2018.

                                  Brixton Review of Books 

                                          Reviews of Vahni Capildeo's Venus as a Bear, and the Laureate's Choice pamphlets, Brixton Review                                                  of Books (forthcoming).

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